We remain driven by light ‘ the emission, channelling and powering of light‘ ‘ said one of the founders of the Ledlenser company, one of the leading manufacturers of hand and head LED flashlights. The story of this multinational company, which goal is to ‘enlighten‘ the world, goes back to the 90s and a garage, where Harald and Rainer Opolka started working on their first flashlight.

Year 1993, 1000 Deutsche Marks as capital, an old Atari computer and a sketch book ‘ these were the fundaments of Zweibr‘der Optoelectronic. Today it‘s worth a few million euro, they have 200 registered patents and utility models, and 100 more coming.

Ledlenser does not rest on laurels as they believe that every idea can be improved. They design and manufacture hand and pocket flashlights for everyday use, in case of powercuts, headlamps for amateur and professional bikers, extreme sports enthusiasts, persistent photographers, risk-loving speleologists, industrial companies and also tactic flashlights for uniformed forces.

The How to choose a flashlight guide sheds some light on parameters that should be considered when looking for a pocket flashlight, durable and multifunctional headlamp, or an advanced tactic model.

Before appearing on the market, Ledlenser flashlights are heavily tested so that they stay reliable in the most extreme conditions and in the most demanding hands or‘ on the most ambitious heads. They undergo 24 different tests, for example: extreme temperatures, durability, they are hit, submerged, kept under high pressure, exposed to strong salt activity‘

Let‘s see what the two new flashlights in our store have to offer: one for everyday use, the other for mountaineering and caving.


The Ledlenser H14R.2 headlamp is a higher version of the Ledlenser H14.2 model, which is more advanced than the H7.2 headlamp, used by the photograph Travis Burke, or the H7R.2.

Thanks to the 4 functional modes of light and the Dimmable function you can seamlessly adjust the intensity of light from 15 to 100% and decide whether you need:

  • high light output in the Power mode,
  • less light in the Low Power mode,
  • short-duration maximum power for more brightness in the Boost mode, or
  • automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals provided by the Blink mode.

Seamless adjustment of the luminosity and concentration is possible using just one finger and one switch by clicking it once, twice or holding it down for a moment.

When designing their products Ledlenders thinks not only about their users but also cares about the environment, thus Ledlenser H14R.2 has a rechargeable battery. Thanks to clips it can be mounted to a belt or a pocket of your trousers or a shirt. It weighs only 340 g with battery and case included, so you do not even feel it on you.

In order to charge your flashlight, simply use the USB cable to connect it to a computer or a power bank. Thanks to the Battery Indicator, which shows the current level of the battery, you can always check when it needs to be charged. And, if you ever need a helping hand or support, the Rear Light function provides a red back light so that you can be seen from behind and thus stay visible to your companions.


For everyday use, we recommend not only the pocket Ledlenser K2 flashlight, but also the P2 model ‘ a bit bigger than the key chain one and with different parameters, but it also can be attached to a key chain. Both models prove that intensity of light does not depend on the size of a flashlight ‘ as promised by Ledlenser on their webpage, they ‘haven‘t skimped on anything ‘ except weight‘.

At the rear of Ledlenser P2 there is the End Cap Switch, perfect for quick turning the device on and off, and also for adjusting the light beam.

The set also contains a pouch with a pocket clip so that you can mount your flashlight on a belt, to your bag or rucksack so that it is within reach. Similarly to other models, the Ledlenser P2 pocket flashlight has a warranty period of seven years from the date of purchase, if it‘s registered online on their website. It is also covered with durable, matt coating.

If you need additional information concerning Ledlenser flashlights, contact our store specialists ‘ write or call us, and we will cast some light upon these products.